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mobile stages

Midwest Music Supply has two of mobile stage units available for rent, the Stageline SL100 and Stageline SL260. Many times, municipal policies and building codes require permits to when assembling staging, and often building a covered stage from scratch is not allowed or feasible.  Instead,  a mobile stage system can be used where the unit is towed into place, and  then hydraulically opened and set up.  It’s safer, quicker, and easier.  

Our stages are ideal for outdoor applications ranging from small park events to large scale concerts.  Various options allow for maximizing branding and banners for your advertisers, clients, and/or sponsors.

 We can also provide a complete rental package of  state-of-the-art sound, lighting,  and video, to compliment our mobile stage systems.

Contact us today for help in selecting the proper stage and system for your next event!

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